Worldwide Car Shipping
What we ship

What we ship

What we don't ship would be a much shorter list, because actually we have yet to come across something we don't ship.
We ship anything that rolls, including boats and jet skis on trailers. If it's too big to fit inside a container, we can ship it ro/ro (roll on, roll of; click here for a description in our FAQ).
Whether worth only a few hundred dollars or more than a million, we handle shipments of any value and in any condition, including salvage vehicles that can't even roll any more.

We ship the following commodities:

Classic cars

From oldtimer restoration projects of only several hundred dollars to truly historical and museum worthy collector's items worth millions.

Dismantled sport aircraft, big and small.
Always great to work on such amazing machines.test

Even when really low to the ground, there is always a way to ship them. This one was sent by air freight.
These always require special care, something which we love to give them.test

Pick ups and SUV's
American XL style!

Vintage, brand new, cruiser or sportbike. We ship all kinds, crated or uncrated.test

The kind you see in the movies.
Sometimes challenging to move, considering their size.
And we love a good challenge!test

Smaller ones by container, the bigger kind - like this one - by RO/RO (roll on roll off vessel).test

Machinery on tracks
Often big enough to require special permits, something we've become experienced with.test